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cement paste Decorations: allocation 1 - How to create easy 2D Shapes

This is the first in a series of articles on how to make epoxy resin paste, in addition to known as sugar paste, decorations for decorating both cupcakes and full size cakes.
This first article will see at using little cutters to make fun nevertheless simple cupcakes. The second article will encourage you make your own small flowers and the third will go into using silicone veiners, molds and tallying dimension to your decorations. As we go along you will construct your skills helping you dispatch the tasks in each successive article.
Using bonding agent glue vs Fondant
Just to clarify, I use glue paste for all my silicone fondant molds . I have used fondant in the bearing in mind but I find gum paste is much easier to manage. Fondant can get categorically sticky and become quite fiddly for little tasks. I get use fondant sometimes to cover cupcakes and full sized cakes.
Though you can generally locate a few alternative coloured fondants at most cake decorating shops I have never seen coloured gum glue in stores here in Sydney. If you complete habit to colour your glue paste it can be over and done with quite easily taking into consideration normal or gel food colouring.
Before you begin colouring your bonding agent paste you will dependence to announce upon a cutter to come to an agreement your theme. For normal size cupcakes, a cutter the size of a 50 cent piece works well. For mini cupcakes you are looking at a cutter the size of a 10 or 5 cent piece, which can be much harder to find.
Colouring Your cement Paste
Once you have agreed your truth colour, increase a few drops of colouring to your paste paste. You will in fact have to behave the dough to mix in the colour thus be prepared to get your hands dirty. Corn starch can be used to back up prevent the paste paste from sticking to both you and your put it on bench but be careful! Too much corn starch can abstemious out your icing!
Your neighboring stage is to roll out your paste paste to 1-2 mm thickness, later suitably clip your gum paste taking into consideration your cutter. It is that simple, and the result, you have professional looking cupcake decorations! It should be noted, allow the decorations sober for a few hours allowing them to go hard previously applying them to your cake or cupcakes.
Icing Techniques
For easy cupcakes ornamented afterward this type of gum glue decoration, I generally use four simple icing techniques to sit my designs on. The first is just flooding the cupcake afterward the icing suitably you acquire a nice, clean flat surface. If you locate you have a bit of a calamity upon the top of your cupcake after baking, all you have to complete is endure a knife and slice the calamity off allowing you to enhance your icing nice and flat more than the top. create certain your icing isn't too stiff and use the put up to of a spoon to back move forward the icing suitably you don't leave any indents or loosen the cake.
The second icing technique uses an retrieve 3-4 mm star icing tip. I started my swirl from the uncovered and worked my pretentiousness to the centre going up. You can as a consequence start from the centre and measure your way to the edges and encourage taking place again.
The third icing technique uses a circular icing tip approximately 2 mm wide. with this technique you straightforwardly start from the outside and play in your exaggeration to the centre. I used on your own a upset upward aim towards the centre. If you were after a more defined mountain of icing later you would use a larger tip.