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These Things Will Make You Feel Like a Superwoman

Whether you’re a freshly minted baby mama or if you’re just a girl that feels like she’s been adulting too long and needs some assistance, you’ll definitely find solace in these 27 magical tools.

From skincare to kitchens to babies, here’s a list of the absolute best that will almost surely make you feel like a superwoman and help you win life.

1. Handheld Clothes Steamer


Ironing is for people who have wayyy too much time on their hands.

Also, how many times have you whipped out that ironing board and just ironed in new wrinkles?

This steamer is your foolproof savior.

At under 10″ and just over a pound, it’s not just an easy to use size, it’ll get your clothes wrinkle free in no time with its surprising power.


2. Diaper Bag Organizer

I remember growing up and my mom just throwing all the diaper stuff in a little basket in a corner.

Digging through diapers is no fun, and wasting precious seconds digging trying to find the Baby wipes and Desitin as your kiddo is stinking up the room and crying just makes things worse.

It’s even worse when you’re traveling, and diaper stuff just sneaks in to your purse and ends up living there.

As a new mother, you simply don’t have time to be organized.

Fortunately, some geniuses have crafted this dedicated Diaper bag organizer that will save your life while you’re on the road or if you’re using those bathroom changing tables that you never thought you’d be using in your life.



3. Blister Prevention

We women often pay the price of pain for our looks.

Corsets were known to constrict breathing and unnaturally shrink ribcages back in the medieval days.

The modern woman’s corset is not around the torso, but on the feet.

Lovely strappy heels seem to have an inverse relationship with looking good and feeling good–the better they look, the more they kill your poor feet, often in the form of blisters.

We need to stop this pain!

Unless you’re a masochist, you’re gonna get this Foot Glide anti-blister balm in your life so your red bottoms don’t literally become bloody shoes.



4. Hair Diffuser

Do you ever just look in envy at girls that seem to have incredible hair EVERY day, while you struggle with you hair for hours just to tame a bad hair day?

Those girls with those voluminous natural curls…they’re probably using this hair diffuser.


5. Hair Styling Station

Let’s face it. You’re a grown woman now.

Only teenagers are allowed to have messy bathrooms with cords and stuff tossed all over the place.

Have your bathroom looking like a salon and don’t be embarrassed about your bedroom bathroom again by getting this Hair Styling Station.