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These Things Will Help You Get In The Best Shape of Your Life

It doesn’t matter that you fail your New Year’s Resolution year after year, you can still get into the best shape of your life with a little help.

The reason that you and everyone else fails hard year after year for their “New Year, New You” intention is not because of lack of initial motivation, but because of sustained motivation due to no present habits in place.

Your current self is lacking many things that those incredibly fit people you envy have.

Just as CEOs have personal assistants and many others under them making their jobs easier and pulling their weight, it’s a good chance that these gym rats with bodies of Greek gods and goddesses are using a secret arsenal of products that make their role of Mr. and Mrs. Perfect Bod so much easier.

We’ve gathered 25 of the best things that will not only help to create new habits for you to operate from regardless the time of year, but will act as personal assistants for the best health you’ve ever seen.

1. Water Bottle Infuser

Let’s start with a basic commandment of every health nut you see:

You need to be sufficiently hydrated as a basic habit as the first step to the best shape of your life.

How often have you seen gym rats slugging around gallons of water everywhere? You may think they look silly carrying around big containers, but 99 times out of 100 that person is in killer shape because of their hydration habits.

Ugh but you hate water. The thought of drinking plain jane H20 all day makes you sick, which is why you never stuck to this habit. You know that those flavoring options are full of chemicals and pretty bad for you so you don’t want to use those.

Here’s your solution that will give you incentive to stick to this new hydration habit:
It’s a water bottle infuser that you can put fresh fruit in to give natural flavor to your water that you’ll crave that will be naturally zero calorie and totally guilt free so that you’ll get that 64+oz per day effortlessly as fuel to your new exercise habits.


2. Neoprene Dumbbells

OK girls it’s time to bust a myth that scares a lot of women from picking up the heavy stuff:

…no, you won’t start looking like a female body builder if you start lifting weights.

You also don’t have to lift heavy weights to reap the benefits of weight training, which include toning, tightening and natural fat burning due to more muscle even when you’re not working out.

Light weights are also safer to have in the house and easier to move around and store.

These pretty little weights are perfectly padded in Neoprene for grip and safety and come in fun colors and include every pound increment from 1.0lb to 12lbs, giving you a fun touch to your new routine that includes super beneficial weight lifting.


3. Micro Slippers

One secret for people that stay in shape is that things they do in their daily life are great workouts as a side effect and they were going to do it anyways or enjoy doing it.

Think about someone who loves to surf or dance, they’re in killer shape and they probably don’t even think about gym time or calories or working out for the sake of working out.

Cleaning is something we all do, and even though sweeping a broom burns some calories, it would be so much better if you could make this daily task more fun and burn more calories.

Thank God for the human angels that created this fun way to clean , using your feet. Simply slip them on, throw on your favorite jam, and dance and clean along while sweeping around with both feet. You’ll get a killer compound leg workout better than you’d get in the gym while you reach, squat and dip with your legs, having a blast doing it.


4. Glass Meal Prep

Preparation is key to success with everything in life, especially when it comes to getting into great physical health.

Having the right tools for the job is critical when it comes to executing your intention for the fit new you.

Time and time again, you hear personal trainers and those Instagram models you follow talk about meal prepping, but you’re not so motivated to use your disorganized old storage containers that seem to always have the correct lid missing when you need it.

Get these nifty glass containers instead, which are divided into compartments, making it easy to prep meals and separate items in one container rather than 2, saving you time, space and cutting your potential lid loss in half! (Sorry, we can’t solve that problem of yours, it’s on you.)

As an added bonus, these containers are made of eco-friendly brosilicate glass that is safe in the fridge, freezer and the microwave.

Grab these and meal prep away and watch your diet get better daily!


5. Charcoal toothpaste

Now that you have a hot beach bod from your new workout and diet habits, you’re missing one last ingredient to the perfect look–a killer smile complete with a white grill!

Ditch the harmful, abrasive and chemical-full toothpaste that you probably have for nature’s best solution for natural teeth whitening:

Activated charcoal!

This toothpaste is well worth the price as it is derived directly from the source: high quality coconut, making it a pure weapon in your war against yellow teeth.

Not only does it work, it’s surely cheaper and safer in the long run than most treatments from the dentist, who is often incentivized by pharmaceutical companies to push more expensive methods.