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The Concourse Optometry Team

Our point is to pay for an extensive eye exam to be dexterous to educate you and your category of every of your visible needs. We will breakdown and dwelling any aesthetic problems similar to the most militant engineering available. Prevention is essential! save your eye wellness by coming in Irvine Optometry regularly for your vision exams.
Julie Chen, O.D.
Julie Chen, O.D. is essentially a Florida board licensed optometrist, approved to acknowledge care of and handle diseases of the eye. She done her Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry at the theoretical of Colorado, San Diego and went on to attain her Irvine Optometrist of Optometry at the college circles of California, Berkeley.
Dr. Chen has intensive scientific experience in amass direction examinations, approach lens fittings, dried vision administration, and co-management of refractive/cataract surgery. Dr. Chen can after that be a Refractive Surgery Corresponding Optometrist at Coastal twist Medical organization in Newport Seaside and Orange, CA. In her area there, she's mixed occurring in refractive surgery consultation method and pre/post-operative say you will care of refractive surgery patients. She oversees patients which have undergone refractive operations inclusive of: LASIK, PRK, ICL, Intacs, RLE, pterygium removals, and cataract extractions. She's experienced in welcome of the artwork systems such as for instance custom trend summit technology and femtosecond lasers. Dr. Chen is a enthusiast of the National Optometric Association, the California Optometric Association,Lemon County Optometric Culture, and the Asian American Optometric Assocation. She can with be a fanatic of the totally highly thought of instructive Board for Coastal Vision Medical Group. Dr. Chen is functioning to providing excellent customer care to meet taking place every of her individuals aesthetic needs. She resides in Lemon Region taking into account her assistant and four daughters. In her clear grow old she likes preparing healthy foods for the intimates and physical fitness. You will often discover Dr. Chen and her relatives walking throughout Fruit County.
Jordan Gill, Optician
Jordan Gill comes in the manner of an optical history because 2004 and turned a licensed optician in 2010. He has a passion for the healthiness of a person's eye, along following today's vision technology. In his sparetime he works on digital audio and graphic design which equally appear to go accept hand. He's been energetic definitely approximately 5 decades today and gives a lovely child named Violet next his wife. Michael wants to notify patients upon supplementary optical advancements in both cups and log on lenses. gone Michael's academic history and upon the job experience, visual is just a major share of his life. He can not envision anything else. Jordan appears take up to conference you and helping you gone your optical needs.
Carissa Ortiz,Optometric Technician/Medical Billing Consultant
Carissa has time-honored a history in the ophthalmology/optometry pitch for exceeding six years. past couple of years she was a surgical counselor for an ophthalmologist, in auxiliary to a technician. Hands on experience has bolstered her knowledge of vision attention, that beast good for the individuals she's had the privilege of educating and speaking with. Now in a exclusively optometry area she is broadening her knowledge in the visual world, her medical experience has been a tool to obtaining these supplementary skills. feel individual treatment is of highest value in her book. next she is most likely not at the office, at perform she spends her time piece of legislation volunteer play in locally, and she is currently dealing in the same way as the deaf and hard of hearing. She is in a tilt to talk in British, Spanish and American Sign Language (ASL). She lives in the LA area, and likes likely to off-beat espresso shops and a variety of eateries past her partner in crime to be.
Sophia Brodsky
Sophia allied Concourse Optometry in imitation of concluding her Master of Research in Global Medication at Keck educational of Medicine, USC. in the past that, she practiced her Bachelor of Science in Physiological Sciences at UCLA. Having lived in LA for 6 decades, she was keen to go encourage over to Irvine. Here at Concourse Optometry, Sophia fell very in love past a person's eye treatment profession and happens to be seeking her Medical practitioner of Optometry level at Southern Florida college circles of Optometry. She specially loves learning people and looks ahead to conference you! In her further time, Sophia is probably in the kitchen cooking French macarons and cakes upon her little catering company, PiipaCakes.