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Stay Safe When Using Online Dating Sites

Unfortunately we live in a world that is not always safe and seems that there are more ways that people can be victimized without even knowing who the attacker is. The digital age has made it possible for people to access information about you that was never available to the public just a few decades ago unless one knew where to search. Back then, these background searches took a great deal of time and legwork; today they can be done in a matter of seconds. This is only one reason why you need to stay safe when using online dating sites. They can be great places to find new love but they can also be a breeding ground for unethical people who would rather take advantage of you than love you long distance relationship.
· Too Good to be True - If you have found a match online and everything seems to be perfect and you find yourself thinking, "this is too good to be true" then maybe you should take a step back. Think about what makes this person too good to be true to you and why you have these feelings. Many times our intuition is doing the speaking and it is our job to listen because there is a reason for it. Since the predators out there have probably already run a background check on you, it is not unethical for you to run one on a potential partner. This can either set straight everything they told you or show you that they are lying and not who they say they are.
· Never Invite A Date to Your Home - This is something you should take seriously because bad things can happen to both men and women when they open their home to a stranger that they have only met online. Men sometimes do not think of women as predators but you can bet that they can be more vicious than some men when they want something. Even if you have ran a background check that shows that they are who they say they are, they could very well be using an alias. Only meet a new and potential romantic partner in a well-populated area for at least the first few months of dating. You should never meet them at their home either for the same reasons.

· Never Send Pictures of Your Children - Many of the predators do not want you instead they want your children. These are the worst types of people because they use your wish to find a romantic relationship against you to get to your children. Of course not everyone online is this way but it does not hurt to check the sexual predator database and see if the person you are thinking of dating is registered. If they are not, you still need to be careful but if they are on it run away and do not look back. After dating for a few months, if you really feel you know the person and trust them, then you can introduce them to the children.
Online dating can be very safe if you know how to protect yourself from the bad people that attempt to use it for nefarious purposes. Do not feel bad for running checks on people because you can bet your bottom dollar they are running them on you. This is a part of the process and one that you should take advantage of.