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Most Ingenious Gadgets on Amazon

Oscar Wilde once said, “Genius is born, not paid”.

As much as that phrase still rings true in today’s modern world, with a universe of products available on Amazon, we can now pay for genius that we sadly were not born to create.

We filtered through the plethora and hand picked the very best for you.


These 27 gadgets are so cleverly genius that we just had to call them ingenious.

Get ready to thank us, because after getting some of these gadgets, your life is about to get a whole lot easier…

1. Water flask

Some of the functionally best things have a stigma to them because they attract lazy degenerates, things like crocs…and flasks.

Anyone who has tried on a pair of crocs knows how godly comfortable they actually are, but you’re afraid to wear them because you’ll get judged hard.

Those who have drank out of a flask know how amazing they are, you can’t fit a water bottle in your pocket but you can throw a flask in there.

Flasks are normally associated with alcoholism, which is defined by drinking too much alcohol, because it’s just so easy to drink the liquid out of a flask.

Hack your life and get this water flask into your life, so you can easily add hydration to your life and reap the benefits of a waterholic!



2. Pasta Forks

Spaghetti, linguini, fuscilli, cappelini….I don’t speak Italian but I dig the many noodles the lovely country is home to!

Almost like being frustrated with eating sushi using chopsticks,  a lot of petty anger can arise while twirling around pasta using a normal fork or a weird fork/spoon combo (according to many sources, this is for either children, the incompetent, or improper).

Next time you invite people over for a pasta dinner, you can save yourself and your guests the embarrassment of noodle slurping and failed twirls with these dedicated Pasta Forks that you can get right here.

Look closely and you’ll see the subtle grooves in each prong that catch pasta and keep it there for foolproof, seamless enjoyment of one of the very many great things Italy has brought to the world.



3. Beer Layering Tool

We’ll let this top rated review for the product speak to this thing’s genius for marketing to its crowd:

I bought this item while I was drunk, and I can’t say it was a bad purchase. I like to use it because it’s simple and makes a neat beer. I suggest trying it if you don’t want to spend the money at a bar and make it yourself. Another trick to saving money, don’t Amazon and drink. You’ll buy stuff on impulse solely because it looks cool.

Cool party trick.

Great excuse to buy 2 cases of 2 types of beer rather than just one.

Whatever your reasoning may be, this gadget makes a great gift to yourself or others!



4. Toothpaste Squeezer

Oddly satisfying things are some of the greatest pleasures of life, and apparently we all lack such things based on the insane popularity of YouTube videos including those adjectives in the title.

It’s the simple things in life that count, and for things as mundane and dreaded as brushing your teeth, you might as well make it fun and easy.

Squeeze out the very last drops of your paste using this toothpaste squeezer, which will not only certainly satisfy you but will also stretch the days in between buying new toothpaste. These come in a 6 pack of multiple size and fun colors so you can get them and spread the satisfying squeeze to everyone you know!!



5. Vacuum Sealer

Ok iron chef I see you!

Sous vide…you feel über cool just because you can pronounce it, but how about having something that you can actually use it with contextual accuracy in a conversation with your (probably fake) friends at that next cocktail party!!!

Even if you don’t care to understand the full function of soo-veed, this vacuum sealer will allow you to use that fancy cooking technique AND it will preserve both dry and moist foods really efficiently.

These guys here make a model whose price tag is astoundingly reasonable, given what it sounds like it does (and actually does well), and when you drop literal french in that next talk with that couple next door that you hate but love to impress.