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Los Angeles Party Rentals

If you're hosting an engagement party or a milestone birthday party, a tent will ease your worries about unfortunate weather conditions and will make the garden party much more memorable. You can rent a tent anywhere from 10ftx10ft up to 40x80 if space permits. For a simple garden party, a 10x10 tent is often enough to protect your buffet table and a round table for some seating with protection from the sun. In addition, there are various types of tents to consider - simple portable canopies that do not require a pole to much sturdier frame tents. Make sure you consult with a proper tent rental catalog and specialist because there is a different tent for every party and every need. If you are opting for the larger tent and need special lighting, you will need to rent a generator and extension cords. Make sure to speak with a tent rental agency to choose the appropriate power source for your event Dance Floor Rentals.

Catering equipment 

Most people do not have the necessary equipment to cook and serve food for a large gathering outdoors. To relieve this stress, it is easy to borrow or rent the proper equipment for the event. You will need a large enough buffet table to serve the food, a cocktail table or make-shift bar to set up drinks, and another table and chairs for people to sit at - although not every guest at your event will need a seat. It's easy to rent chairs and buffet tables if you do not already own any and the type of chair can be matched to suit your event perfectly. If you are using a tent and setting it up on top of a stone patio, or if you have asked to have a temporary floor installed, fancier metal chairs can be used. However, if your chairs will be placed on top of soft grass, plastic or wooden chairs with wide legs are the more appropriate option. Make sure you have sufficient cutlery, plates, glasses and napkins for all of your guests. Garbage cans are also important as most utensils and napkins will be disposable.

However, if your party is a bit more upscale, consider renting china, glassware and flatware. Once you choose what food you will be serving, you can then figure out what equipment you will need. The most popular option in the summer is a barbecue, of course! If you don't have a large BBQ already, consider renting a 60" or even 72" stainless steel portable charbroiler and their accompanying BBQ utensils. This makes grilling for a party that much easier and allows your guests to eat all at the same time. At the bar, you should also have a cooler of water (usually 5 gallon), an ice bucket, a picnic cooler to store chilled beverages and beers, and a large blue bin to house empty bottles.

Dance up a storm under the tent 

Believe it or not, if your tent is large enough, you can even request a dance floor under the tent to get the party going. In that case, you can either hire a DJ or install an outdoor sound system with speakers. Music is definitely a defining aspect of a party, so whether you play dance tunes or some nice lounge music to create a relaxing ambiance, this is an essential component of a garden party.

Light up the night

Although candles are beautiful in the summer, candles near a large, flammable tent is not the best idea. If you must use candles, consider using lanterns or hurricane lamps to protect the flame from any contact. However, if safety is on your mind and you have rented a large enough tent, the best way to go is to rent par cans (LED light). These are the best sources of light for an outdoor party and are easy to use.

Feeling overwhelmed? 

If you have a large event to organize and need help along the way, you can find an event consulting firm that assists in putting together large outdoor events. Some offer advice on event design and layout and will deliver and set up the equipment. You can also hire caterers and DJs if you are too busy playing host/hostess. Enjoy the summer by hosting an outdoor party but don't forget to seek advice from experts and rent equipment you need to make the party run as smoothly as possible.