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Incredibly Handy Products on Amazon with a Huge Following

You’ve probably killed more hours than you slept this week browsing through the countless pages of Amazon trying to find stuff to make your easier, but instead you’re adding even more stress to your life!

Settle down kid, stop browsing the online jungle aimlessly because we got this for you.

Here’s a list of products so handy that you’ll thank the internet gods (*ahem*, us) for bringing you the light.


1. Fur Remover

You are so pumped to have bought Mako, your new Siberian Husky, not caring about warnings about the fur situation you’d have to deal with given that you supposedly have the best vacuum known to mankind.

To your surprise, your fancy $400 European vacuum cleaner needs multiple sweeps over your carpet to get all of Mako’s arctic coat from still showing up on your socks and tracking everywhere in and outside of your house.

Don’t be the dog hair lady at work any more.

This Fur Removing push broom is easier to whip out than that vac and will get all the spots your vacuum probably missed.

2. Waterproof Speakers

Ok you’re totally tired of hearing yourself sing a cappella in the shower and when you put a speaker outside on your sink you have to play the tune so loud that your apartment neighbors hear and hate you for it.

You may have heard of waterproof speakers but you’re a skeptic.

Doubt no more, these highly reviewed speakers are as functional as Gore-tex at the perfect price so you can take your speaker with you in the shower for a magical experience of closeness of sound while getting clean that you’ll need to hear to believe.

3. Plugable Air Sanitizer

Your mom has been coming over a lot and she absolutely hates the smell of those scented plugins you have right now, and you’re throwing a party and one of your guests is allergic to perfume.

…OK maybe neither of those things are true but it’s just so much better to deodorize your abode non offensively than in a way that some people might not like or be harmed by.

This Plugable Air Sanitizer uses proprietary UV-C and really works to eliminate odors with the awesome secondary effect of less germs and harmful microbes floating around in your home, and it’s way cheaper than you’d think for something that’s such a lifesaver.

4. Snake Hair Clog Remover

I talked to a plumber once who told me more than 50% of the time he feels guilty when he comes to fix things because they’re often simple clogs that could’ve been addressed with the correct tools.

Obviously, these clueless customers are paying his bills, but they’re basically throwing away money to a problem that’s easier to solve than they think.

Hair in shower drains is a huge problem and will cost tons of money to repair when you let those locks accumulate over time.

At a price that will absolutely shock you, you’ll wonder why you’ve never bought this 3 pack of Snake Hair Clog Remover as insurance against an expensive visit from Joe the Plumber.

5. Drink Pouches

If you’re a 90’s baby, Capri Sun was probably your lunch time jam.

You realized over time though that it’s just glorified sugar water, but you miss those damn packets they came in.

How dope would it be if you throw your juice in these things?

You can be an organic hipster who makes juice in bulk at home and instead of reusing glass bottles, you’re reusing basically a Capri Sun pouch.

Some amazing human being invented these pouches which literally reinvented the wheel by being more functional (they’re resealable AND reusable) than Capri Suns.

You can get 100 of them at once so you’ll pretty much never have to buy more ever again.